II International Conference of Students and Young Scientists “Avia- and rocket production: trends and directions”

which will take place on December 2-3, 2020 Igor Sikorsky KPI
The beginning of the conference is
December 2, at 11.00 a.m.
Theses and registration form for participation should be submitted by November 28, 2020 to the e-mail address: arb_conference@ukr.net
Participation is free.

Theses are accepted on subjects:

  • Aerospace Engineering and technologies
  • Control systems
  • GIS technologies and Precise agriculture

Requirements for theses:
• submitting a thesis in Ukrainian and English;
• theses must be no longer than four full pages (at least one full page) of the printed text in the format А4;
• text of the theses: font “Times New Roman” (size 12), the spacing between the rows should be single, alignment should be in width,the
indentation of the first line should be 1.25 mm, all fields are 20 mm;
• theses must adhere to the terminology adopted by the standard; using a new term or abbreviation, the author must decrypt and explain them;
• when selecting units of physical size, SI systems should be followed;
• theses should contain the formulation of the task, the work is done, the theoretical or practical result;
• survey works are not allowed;
• a report of no more than 15 minutes, a presentation at PowerPoint.

Due to limitations related to COVID-19, the work will be organized in a distant form of video-audioconference.

Organizing committee of the conference
Institute of Aerospace Technology