Thermodynamic cycle based on the double (binary) principle in which geothermal water transfers its energy not directly but to the water-amonia micture that increases the efficiency of geothermal power stations by 20-25%. The invention relates to Oleksandr Kalina (born in 1933 in Odesa) who immigrated to the USA where he founded Exergy LLC. After construction of the first experimental geothermal power station in Kanoha Park in Los-Angeles, the patent for Kalina Cycle was acquired by General Electric. Today, geothermal power stations using the Kalina Cycle principle are built in the United States, Iceland, Germany and Japan. In addition, Japanese metallurgical and oil refineries use the Kalina Cycle as well. Oleksandr Kalina’s Kalex LLC has finalized the development of the second-generation Kalina Cycle technology.

Oleksandr Ivanishyn, Heorhiy Matviychuk